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The Beaumonts

Today Hubert and Noella live and run the family home and farm. As the children have almost all flown the nest there is space to welcome people into the house. Life is busy all year round but summer is the most charming season. With long days letting us enjoy outdoor living we look forward to seeing new faces and old ones and sharing a slice of our Irish country life.



Myself and my 8 years daughter relocated from Tokyo to Dublin in August 2017. My daughter did not know a word of English, but we were very fortunate to have Noella as my daughter’s first English tutor. For the first one month, she came to our house every day and spent 2 hours with my daughter, very patiently and caringly faced with my daughter who did not understand English at all. My daughter enjoyed the time with Noella so much, because Noella had pulled in elements of fun into her teaching very naturally. They played a game together, using cards in English, sang together, and laughed together. I do not know how to express my gratitude to Noella enough, as you could imagine, if my daughter’s first encounter with English had not been something enjoyable, that would have made her life so much difficult after that.

Noella moved to France for her daughter’s education, so unfortunately we could not continue with her after the first month. We have had a few tutors afterwards, yet my daughter’s favorite has been always Noella. And after one year, we are very lucky that we are now visiting her place every Saturday to take her lesson again! And what a wonderful place it is! Her home, Harristown, is a truly authentic manor house, surrounded by beautiful nature and wonderful farm. Harristown is really extraordinary place to learn English, and Noella is a perfect mistress and teacher especially for children, as I think her nature of kindness, caring and experience as a mother is really something that means a lot to children.

And there are adorable 2 dogs, Tabatha and Jemima, who are always the best company for my daughter. I am very certain that her English camp will be something very special, an unforgettable experience to young participants, and I am very much looking forward for my daughter to join it as well!
— Megumi Doi, Senior Project Manager, Fidelity International
J’ai passé une dizaine de jours avec une amie chez Noella, dans cette grande maison irlandaise l’été dernier. La propriété est trés grande et agréable, la famille est trés conviviale et sait mettre á l’aise. Cette immersion en Irlande m’a permis d’améliorer mon anglais, et j’adorerais recommencer cette super expérience. Rentrée en France, Noella m’a donné des cours d’anglais par Skype qui m’ont beaucoup aidé pour le bac.

Noella est un super professeur qui s’adapte au niveau d’anglais de chacun et qui nous apprend des choses et des notions réellement utiles. Ce séjour était tout simplement parfait!
— Emmy Martinez
We shot six consecutive days at Harristown House on BLACK 47. The entire climactic riot and battle sequence exteriors were staged there, as well as interiors in their beautiful house, the stables and outbuildings. Hubert and his team were extremely welcoming and facilitated many weeks of prep and construction prior to the shoot and countless vehicles and facilities and hundreds of cast and crew during the shoot itself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Harristown House to any production - they have ample capacity, a wide range of locations and scenery and a great spirit of co-operation and support. I hope to shoot there again in the future!
— Lance Daly, Director, BLACK 47