A Summer like day.

Well it may only be the end of March but it could be summer today. What do they say “March, in like a Lion out like a Lamb”?, that may be the case this year. We certainly had some storms but I think overall it has been a rather mild winter. There is lots of Spring colour about, the vibrant Daffodil yellow, the delicate pink of the Magnolia Tree and again more yellow from the Forsythia.

The Magnolia Tree.

I finally got out and planted some vegetables in the raised beds while Hubert tried out a new lawnmower. On the way to the garden the freshly groomed Jemima and Tabitha trotted through all the Daffodils they could find and then went to say hello to the hens. All the while I gardened they investigated every inch of the place every so often coming back to reassure me they were nearby.



in the Daffodils

Tabitha saying hello.

Tabitha saying hello.

Easter is drawing nearer and we are getting booked up for our English Language summer camps. As we offer language holidays to families too it is exciting to think who we might share this experience of Irish country life with this year ……


As the Daffodils fade the Bluebells will appear. We usually have carpets of blue dotted along the cottage walk, a gentle 20 min promenade from the garden through the wood and along the bank of the Liffey.