Spring in Harristown.


Our beautiful peacock

Spring is in the air. It’s getting a little lighter in the mornings and the dawn chorus by our window sounds stronger as we ease into the season. We have had a rather mild spell recently so a bit of gardening has started. The old railway sleepers dumped on the farm some 60 years ago have been recycled. When our students come to stay during the summer months it is always fun to pick some fresh vegetables for the table. One of the activities during the residential summer language courses is a day of cooking demonstrations and when possible we will use our own produce.


The raised beds


Bumpy landings.

Bumpy landing.

This morning I pushed lots of bamboo at regular intervals into the beds. Although we love our peacock population they are a complete nuisance in the garden. So after some research I have decided to give this a go. I don’t want them to impale themselves but should they try to land on the beds now they might get a shock.